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Aluminum foil containers bring many advantages to the food packaging industry. This qualifies as the ideal package for numerous food packaging applications. These are the are the most versatile, eco-friendly, handy and attractive solutions for today's end-users.

Some of the attributes are:

Aluminum foil can withstand wide temperature changes better than other packaging materials and can pass from freezer to oven without changing containers.

Eatons Aluminum foil containers are designed to nest well, taking up little space.

Eatons Aluminum foil containers are leak-resistant and keep foods fresh.

These containers are easy to clean up for re-use or for recycling. One of the environmental advantages of aluminum is its recyclability.

The Aluminum food containers are inert and do not support micro organisms.

Eatons Aluminum foil containers are available in rectangular shapes, oblong shape, in oval shape and also available as partition plate.

Eatons Aluminum foil rolls come with the slogan of keeping food safe and making life healthy. The foil rolls being hygienic, non toxic & recyclable are extensively used by caterers, hotels, cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes, airlines, railways, schools, and so on, besides high volume of domestic use. Eatons Aluminum foil is used for cooking, freezing, wrapping, storing, packing, and so on. Available in all sizes 9mt, 50gms, 72mt, Rolls. The Eatons aluminum foil gives the value for money since we supply materials with assured length.

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