Eatons Green is conceived with the idea of caring for mother Earth. Biodegradable Eatons Green products when exposed to heat, air &/or light, degrade resulting from oxidative cleavage of macromolecules followed by biodegradation as defined by European Standards Organisation(CEN) {CEN/TR 1535:2006,5.2). It also complies with the standards of American Society for Testing & Materials(ASTM D6954).

The Eatons Green products will degrade abiotically at the end of its useful life in the presence of oxygen much more quickly than ordinary plastic. At the end of this process it is no longer visible, as it has been converted to small-chain organic chemicals which will then biodegrade when the right fungi and/or bacteria are present. Timescale for complete biodegradation is much shorter than for "conventional" plastics which, in normal environments, are very slow to biodegrade.

The advantage of Eatons Green products in landfill conditions is that they will continue to biodegrade till the conditions are aerobic. In case the landfill turns anaeorobic, the degradation stops. Some hydo-degradable applications continue to degrade under anaerobic conditions but that process in turn generates methane which is a harmful greenhouse gas. Eatons Green products help the environment by not generating greenhouse emission.

Eatons Green products help by not littering the environment since they are designed to degrade in outdoor weathering conditions in presence of ambient oxygen, UV radiation and average temperatures of sub 0o centigrade and upto 90o Centigrade.

Eatons Green products will never degrade on immediate exposure to open environment since they are stabilised while production to render an useful storage and shelf life.

Eatons Green products are safe to be used for food contact application and are 100% hygenic.

Eatons green products are safe to recycle with normal plastic products of same plastics family. Last but not the least the Eatons Green products are affordable mid budget products without heavy pocket pinch.

  • Green Biodegradable Plates
  • Green Biodegradable Bowls
  • Green Biodegradable Compartmentals